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Keema Curry (Ground Beef)

This ground beef “dry” keema curry uses Japanese curry cubes to make a quick and easy weeknight dinner. There’s veggies in it, so it’s a complete dinner in one! Before I start, I gotta ask… How can you make ground beef look appetizing in a picture? I don’t know. I tried, you guys. I did.… Continue reading Keema Curry (Ground Beef)

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Tuna Takikomi Rice

Tuna takikomi rice, or takikomi gohan, is a Japanese seasoned rice dish with veggies and tuna. Easy, filling, and nutritious, all you need to do is prep the ingredients, throw them in the rice cooker, and press start! Here’s a scenario: you don’t feel like making dinner. But you have people in the house you… Continue reading Tuna Takikomi Rice