Homemade Tonkatsu Sauce 5 Ingredients

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Tonkatsu sauce is  popular in Japan for tonkatsu and other fried foods. This recipe is easy to make and has a tangy and rich flavor. It makes a great Japanese style katsu chicken sauce and is perfect for dipping all your favorite deep fried food! 

Spooning out some tonkatsu sauce out of a bowl, with worcestershire sauce bottle in the background.

Growing up, whenever we had chicken katsu, tonkatsu, or korokke, we always had the Bulldog brand sauce along with it. And you know what? I never liked it. *gasp* I know. My brothers would pour a bunch on, and I would just very lightly put a few drops on mine. Weird kid. I also didn’t like to dip my fries in ketchup.

Well, I dip my fries in ketchup now, but I like to make my own sauce. It’s super simple to make and keep at home and it makes a great chicken katsu sauce.

Tonkatsu sauce over a plate of korokke (Japanese croquettes). This can also be used as a chicken katsu sauce recipe.

This tonkatsu sauce recipe is great because it’s made with ingredients that many people have on hand! Ketchup, butter, worcestershire sauce (can’t pronounce it, but I THINK I spelled it right, haha), soy sauce, and a little bit of garlic powder.

The ketchup base is a great canvas, and the worcestershire sauce adds a very *zingy* taste to it. Like, kind of tangy, kind of a hint of spicy… and the soy sauce brings a little oomph of umami to it.

Little girl holding a round korokke.

This sauce can be used for soooo many more things than just tonkatsu. Try it out as a chicken katsu sauce recipe or the next time you make your favorite fried food! Or you can try non fried food. It is a great alternative to barbecue sauce. I haven’t tried dipping veggies in it, but I could see it working!

This sauce goes well with my Japanese croquette recipe (korokke), a type of dumpling which uses potatoes inside and beaten egg and Japanese style panko bread crumbs outside . As you can see in the picture above, my 3 year old was loving it!

This tonkatsu sauce is easy to throw together and is tangy, rich, and perfect for dipping your favorite fried food! 


  1. The British (who invented it) just call it Wooster sauce — the “oo” sounds like “wood” or ” wool. “. thanks for the recipe!

  2. Just a thought, just put it all, including the cold butter into a small non reactive pan or skillet on low heat, stir til combine and some what emulsified. Done. Chill in a small container, and pull from fridge an hour before you need it, and stir. This would be something I would, by default, put in a 1/4 tsp of citric acid also, to temper the spoilage and get a few more weeks to months out of, by leveling out the ph.

  3. A question. Is this the sauce that is generally used for bar b que pork and fried shrimp etc. in restayrants.?

  4. i do or lot of my friends in Japan, we do simply use ¨´´ TONKATASU SAUCE¨´ with mayonnaise! This stuff works for everything. Ketchap + mayonnaise is very common to use !

    1. I love ketchup+mayo! Over here we often call that fry sauce and it’s my favorite thing to dip fries in :D!

  5. It’s pronounced wuss (like puss) – tur – sheer.
    Sounds like a delicious dipping sauce, thanks for sharing the recipe ?

    1. Oooh okay! See, in Japan they pronounce it ooh-soo-taa so I have always just been saying it in a Japanese accent haha. Now I know, thank you!

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