Pink Ombré Cheesecake

Naturally colored Pink ombre raspberry cheesecake. A Japanese style rare cheesecake make with a yogurt base.

A perfect no bake ombré cheesecake recipe! This pink cheesecake is colored completely naturally, with freeze dried raspberries! Valentine’s day is coming up, so I needed to make something PINK! Ombre pink cheesecake. It’s perfect, isn’t it? The style of this cheesecake is a Japanese no bake cheesecake called “rare” cheesecake. Japanese no bakes cheesecakes …

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Easy Madeleines

Freshly baked French madeleines cooling on rack.

Madeleines are adorable French shell shaped cakes. They can be tricky to master, but this easy version uses baking powder to make them foolproof!  I want to start with a story. I took these to a luncheon, and my friend asked me if it was cornbread, because she has a cornbread pan where you can …

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Kabocha Squash Muffins

Kabocha squash muffin torn open to see fluffy inside.

Kabocha squash muffins are sweet with a hint of savory. The flavor profile and the recipe are simple. Kids can help make these, and you can feel good about letting them eat it!  My last post, kabocha squash soup, uses about half of a kabocha, so I was left with the other half to make …

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Red Bean Chestnut Roll Cake

Red bean chestnut roll cake

A Japanese style sponge roll cake filled with sweet red bean paste, red bean whipped cream, and chestnut pieces. Roll cakes are so fun and cute! Today I’m sharing a recipe with you that is Japanese flavored: sweet red bean paste (Shirakiku is the brand I often see at the Asian store) and chestnut, which is …

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