Squash Muffin Recipe with Kabocha Squash

Looking for a unique and tasty treat that is on the healthy side? Try my Squash Muffin recipe, made with Sunshine Kabocha Squash – a Japanese variety known for its sweetness and nuttiness. These Japanese Kabocha Squash Dessert Muffins are perfect for breakfast or as a healthy snack.

Kabocha squash muffin torn open to see fluffy inside.

My last post, kabocha squash soup, uses about half of a kabocha, so I was left with the other half to make something fun with. I considered pie, a tart, cheesecake, but I’m going to be honest, I’ve been pretty burned out and tired lately. Making a crust felt like wayyyy too much work.

What’s easy to make? Maybe I can get my kids involved, since they love helping me in the kitchen (who am I kidding, having the kids help means the recipe is no longer “easy”). Kabocha squash muffins? I decided it would be a fun afternoon activity for us.

Holding mixing bowl and stirring in flour with a rubber spatula

Squash Muffin Recipe

The ingredients list is really simple… the hardest part is cutting into the hard kabocha! I cut my kabocha half into strips, microwaved them, and cut the peel away with a spoon. I also used some vanilla paste that Rodelle sent me to try out. I’ve been putting it in everything lately.

The flavor profile is a little sweet but not too sweet, and kind of reminds me of sweet corn bread. You know how it has that sweet flavor, but with a hint of savory? So good! Check out the video and recipe below to see how the kabocha squash dessert muffins are made!

Kabocha squash cooling on a wire rack, top view.
Kabocha squash muffins are sweet with a hint of savory. The flavor profile and the recipe are simple. Kids can help make these, and you can feel good about letting them eat it! 

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  1. This recipe sounds very intriguing! Funny enough, I just made kabocha soup the other day myself & was looking to use up the other half! It was meant to be I think! Lol these look delicious!

    I must say though, microwaving with plastic wrap doesn’t sound at all appealing or safe to me.


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