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Tofu Donut Holes

I grew up eating tofu, so for me, tofu=delicious. For a lot of my friends, tofu meant gross. I mean, they hadn’t actually eaten it before, but they knew that tofu was gross because, tofu. But that seems to be changing these days doesn’t it? People are becoming more adventurous and wanting to try foods… Continue reading Tofu Donut Holes


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Teriyaki Potatoes and Chicken

An easy weeknight dinner, this teriyaki potatoes and chicken dish is comfort food, Japanese style.  Another easy weeknight meal for you guys! I love quick and easy dinners, for all of those evenings (read: every evening) where I’m just tired out from the day and not wanting to make anything fancy. Teriyaki is a fan favorite,… Continue reading Teriyaki Potatoes and Chicken

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