Savory Tofu Steak Recipe: Pan Fried Tofu in Soy Sauce, Sake, Butter, & Garlic

This pan fried tofu recipe combines classic Japanese flavors with tofu in soy sauce, sake, Marin, butter & garlic! This savory garlic tofu steak recipe is easy to make and packed with flavor. Learn how pan fry tofu with this easy-to-follow pan fried tofu steak recipe.

Japanese style Tofu Steak with a butter glaze garnished with green onions.

I grew up eating tofu, so I tend to like it no matter what you do with it. I mostly had it in miso soup, which may be the most well known way to use it.

Pan Fried Tofu Steak

That being said, NOW I tend to use tofu to make these tofu “steaks”. (Last year I posted a miso pecan tofu, so check that out too!)

chopsticks holding soy sauce and butter glazed tofu with green onion garnish.

See, the thing about tofu is, it’s cheap and it’s easy to cook. Yes you have to press and drain it, but even if you hurry that process (I usually do, because I’m a last minute dinner planner) it still turns out yummy.

Cutting block of tofu into 12 pieces.

A block of tofu usually ranges from a little over a dollar up to a few bucks if you’re buying sprouted organic small batch artisan tofu (actually, I buy that sometimes… Yum). Compared to many cuts of meat, it’s really cheap!

Another benefit is that you don’t have to worry about it being cooked through. I love chicken and beef and all types of meat, don’t get me wrong. But I DO appreciate not having to think, hmm is this chicken breast done? Better cook it a few minutes longer. OOPS it’s dry and barely edible now!

Coating the pan fried tofu in soy sauce glaze.

Soy Sauce, Butter & Garlic Tofu Steak Recipe with Marin

Lastly and not leastly (I made that word up), it’s a great blank slate for flavors. And this soy sauce tofu has some good flavor. Basically, soy sauce is yummy. Add some mirin and sake for your classic teriyaki like flavor, and then add some butter to make it rich and smooth and, well, buttery. Yum.

Plate of pan fried tofu, garnished with sliced green onion, and with a bowl of rice.

I hope you give this tofu soy sauce recipe a try for a weeknight dinner! My kids and husband love it!

Soy sauce and butter pair beautifully for this easy main dish. Soy sauce tofu is easy to cook, economical, and delicious! 

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