Mochiko Chicken

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Mochiko chicken is a popular Hawaiian dish, where bite sized pieces of chicken are marinated in a sweet and salty sauce, and fried to perfection!


I have a confession to make. I didn’t even make the chicken in these pictures… my husband did. Doesn’t it look good?! He is quite a good cook! But then he goes and does weird things like cutting onions the wrong way no matter how many times I correct him. He cuts it in half like you would cut onion rings, instead of pole to pole. Every time. Who does that? But he’s good at frying things which is one of the best skills to have, in my opinion.

Anyways, it was Saturday evening and he asked me what dinner was and I said, oh… I dunno, what do we have in the fridge? And he said, I’m going to make some fried chicken. And then I said, I love you. Actually I think I said, eh, whatevs, if that’s what you want to do (I’m so ungrateful and I don’t deserve him).

So this is a Hawaiian fried chicken recipe. It has Japanese roots, since it uses mochiko (rice flour) and soy sauce and things, but I had never had it until my husband introduced it to me in Hawaii. It’s one of my favorite local Hawaiian dishes, and we get it every time we visit Maui. But since we aren’t in Hawaii, thank goodness it’s easy to whip up at home.

Instead of dredging it separately in flour and eggs, you just mix everything together, marinate, and fry! Because you don’t do the separate dredging, there isn’t a thick coating/crunch factor, but the flavor of the marinade is spot on. It’s really simple and tastes amazing!

This chicken is a winner- guaranteed.

Hawaiian Mochiko Chicken- Mochiko Chicken Is A Popular Hawaiian Dish, Where Bite Sized Pieces Of Chicken Are Marinated In A Sweet And Salty Sauce, And Fried To Perfection!


  1. I would like to try this recipe and want to clarify one of the ingredients. It says “2 T sesame”. Is that sesame oil, seasame seeds?

    1. Hi Misa, thanks for pointing that out, definitely confusing! It’s 2 Tablespoons of sesame seeds!

    1. I haven’t used an air fryer so I’m not really sure. If it can do marinated meats, it should be fine. Maybe just pat the marinade off of the chicken to make it extra dry before putting it in? Let me know how it works out!

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