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Tuna Mayo Onigiri

Tuna mayo onigiri, or rice ball, is a simple and delicious Japanese snack. Rice is filled with a flavorful tuna and mayonnaise, shaped, and wrapped with a sheet of nori (seaweed).  Onigiri is one of the most recognizable Japanese snacks there is. From homemade lunches to convenience stores, onigiri can be found just about anywhere.… Continue reading Tuna Mayo Onigiri

Tuna Takikomi Rice

Tuna takikomi rice, or takikomi gohan, is a Japanese seasoned rice dish with veggies and tuna. Easy, filling, and nutritious, all you need to do is prep the ingredients, throw them in the rice cooker, and press start! Here’s a scenario: you don’t feel like making dinner. But you have people in the house you… Continue reading Tuna Takikomi Rice

Canned Tuna Sushi Hand Rolls

Using canned tuna and veggies that you already have in the fridge makes this sushi super accessible! Canned tuna sushi is an easy and quick meal that is fun to customize! Alrighty, so, sushi. Everyone loves sushi… except those who don’t like raw fish. Well it turns out that there’s a lot of sushi that doesn’t… Continue reading Canned Tuna Sushi Hand Rolls

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Strawberry Yogurt Mousse

This yogurt mousse is an easy, lightened up dessert, delicately sweetened with Welch’s Chia Strawberry Fruit Spread. This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.#Welchs #WelchsChia #CollectiveBias Today I’m sharing with you a lightened up dessert that you can feel pretty good about eating. I mean, it’s… Continue reading Strawberry Yogurt Mousse