Mini Chocolate Pie Bites

Mini Chocolate Pie Bites (inspired by Pie no mi)

Inspired by the Japanese snack Pie no mi, these bite sized treats are flaky, sweet, and filled with chocolate. Have you ever seen a Japanese snack called Pie No Mi ? They are yummy little bite sized “pies”. I really like them, but since they are imported, they are kind of expensive. Also, not all Asian …

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Chocolate Haupia Pie Recipe – Traditional Hawaiian Pudding With A Twist

Hawaiian Chocolate Haupia Pie

This Hawaiian Chocolate Haupia Pie recipe combines rich chocolate with creamy Hawaiian coconut pudding, to create a chocolate and coconut pie. Follow our easy recipe and impress your guests with this indulgent Hawaiian treat. Another Hawaiian dish. This time it’s dessert! Haupia is a traditional Hawaiian dessert that is basically like a coconut-y pudding-y jello-y… …

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