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Black Sesame Pudding

Black sesame pudding is a simple, creamy and light dessert made with roasted black sesame seeds in a whole milk, sugar and gelatin base. I know I just posted a black sesame recipe, but the stuff is so good I think you can forgive me. I actually made these today because I signed up to bring… Continue reading Black Sesame Pudding

Butterscotch Pudding

A delicious, sweet treat in a festive container topped whipped cream topping. This butterscotch pudding is a treat for a special night. My husband and I visited my brother in Provo, UT and we went to a cool little restaurant called Communal. Basically, a trendy place that serves food made with local ingredients. All of the… Continue reading Butterscotch Pudding

Fresh Apple Mousse

This fresh apple mousse is light, crisp, and refreshing. The chunks of apple add a nice texture, and the lack of spices lets the apple flavor really shine. So here’s a confession, I don’t really like the fall pumpkin spice craze. And while I LIKE cinnamon with apple, I often prefer plain ol apple. Spices… Continue reading Fresh Apple Mousse