Bonito Flakes With Rice Recipe: Easy and Delicious

This simple recipe for Bonito Flakes with Rice is perfect for a quick and tasty meal. Just a few ingredients and you can enjoy a flavorful bowl of rice topped with savory bonito flakes.


Okay, so this isn’t really a bonito flakes recipe. It’s just a really yummy way to eat rice that you need to try! I’ve eaten bonito flakes with soy sauce on rice since I was a little kid and it’s one of my favorite rice toppings. Never heard of it? Here are some commonly asked questions:

What Are Bonito Flakes

Bonito flakes, also known as katsuobushi in Japanese, are a type of dried and fermented fish flakes made from skipjack tuna. They are a popular ingredient in Japanese cuisine and are often used as a topping for rice, noodles, and other dishes.

What Are Bonito Flakes Made Of?

Bonito flakes are made from skipjack tuna that has been filleted, boiled, smoked, and then dried and fermented. The fillets are simmered in a mixture of water, sake, and mirin and then smoked over oak or cherry wood to enhance the flavor.

What Do Bonito Flakes Taste Like?

Bonito flakes have a strong, savory flavor and a unique aroma that adds depth and complexity to many dishes. They provide the umami taste which is the fifth of the 5 major tastes which include sweet, sour, salty and bitter and umami. The umami taste act to enhance the overall flavor of food.

Where To Buy Bonito Flakes?

Bonito flakes are widely available in Asian grocery stores. If you go to any Asian market you will be able to find some. You can also conveniently purchase them on amazon.


For this recipe I also added in an 8 grain mix to my rice to add a little nutty bite to it. That’s what the little colorful pieces in the rice is. Specifically: this.

Just mix 1-2 tsp of soy sauce with one pack of bonito flakes (3g) and put it on your rice and eat.

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