Black Sesame Ice Cream

Toasted black sesame seeds are mixed with sweetened condensed milk and heavy cream to make this delicious black sesame ice cream.

Home Made No Churn Black sesame ice cream.

Black Sesame Seeds

I LOVE all things black sesame seeds. The weird gray color, the roasty toasty flavor, the way it works in both savory and sweet… I especially like the sweets. When I visit Japan, I always make sure to eat a black sesame soft serve cone. And pudding. Annnnnnd cake. Can’t get enough, seriously.

A No Churn Ice Cream Recipe

Today I’m introducing an easy no churn ice cream recipe. Have you heard of no churn ice cream? It’s so easy, and it means that you can make homemade ice cream even if you don’t own an ice cream maker. Like me. It’s just a combination of condensed milk and whipped cream.

Black Sesame Ice Cream Recipe

The recipe is easy, It’s just a combination of condensed milk and whipped cream as the ice cream base and the toasted black sesame seeds give it color, flavor and texture. This is ice cream that anyone with a blender and whisk can make in just a few minutes.

Traditional Japanese Ice Cream

Most of the black sesame ice cream recipes I’ve seen via blogs I follow and Pinterest usually ask for black sesame paste. Honestly, you may be able to get that in California or places with a high Japanese population, but here in the Midwest the best I can do is a container of the plain ol’ seeds. I wanted to make a recipe that would only require seeds, to make it more accessible.

I was a little skeptical at first, but once I tried it out I was converted! Its texture is creamy and you can easily scoop it with a spoon.

So how about it?

Home made soft serve ice cream flavored with black sesame seeds.
No Churn Black Sesame Ice Cream

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