Japanese Rusk- Crispy Sweet Toast

Japanese Rusk- Crispy Sweet Toast

Okay, I kind of struggled to name this post because… Crispy sweet toast?! But that’s basically what it is. A popular Japanese snack where a baguette or other type (usually french) of bread is thinly sliced and twice baked with a topping of sugar, butter, and perhaps some fancy fruity flavor. Today I made a rusk with the classic sugar and butter topping.

This treat is crispy, buttery, sugary, and delicious. Sure it might be a bit fattening, but it’s sooo worth it! Bread makes you fat?! – Scott Pilgrim… and me. I made 12 slices and my husband and I finished it off in like… 5 minutes. To be fair, I shared the other 3 slices (without butter and sugar) with my kids… heh heh. They never knew that what I was eating was any different from theirs. Mmm, mom this bread is so crispy! Yum! Yeah kids, so good right?

It is irresistible and you definitely won’t be able to stop at one. You’ll probably finish it off and then go and make some more. Good thing you only use a portion of the baguette. You can just turn around and make another batch pronto.


Can I be honest with you? It looks like I’m about to have a friend over for some tea and a nice chat. What really happened was my kids immediately took all of the raspberries after I put my camera down, my husband came home for lunch and snacked on the rest, and I drank both cups of tea because husband doesn’t like that unsweetened stuff. But can we pretend like I had a nice tea time with a friend?


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    Oh Thank you Thank you!!! I have been absolutely obsessed with rusk since a friend brought it back from Japan. My mom was Japanese but we have never had this growing up (though we had lots of cinnamon toast). Now I get to make this at home. Thanks again!

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