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Red Bean Chestnut Roll Cake

A Japanese style sponge roll cake filled with sweet red bean paste, red bean whipped cream, and chestnut pieces. Roll cakes are so fun and cute! Today I’m sharing a recipe with you that is Japanese flavored: sweet red bean paste (Shirakiku is the brand I often see at the Asian store) and chestnut, which is… Continue reading Red Bean Chestnut Roll Cake

Caramel Apple Cupcakes

These fall flavored cupcakes have caramelized apple chunks in them and are topped with a delicious caramel whipped cream. It’s supposed to be fall, but today we went to the park and I was almost sweating because of how warm it was. Anyone else? It’s already November, so if fall doesn’t start soon, I’m afraid… Continue reading Caramel Apple Cupcakes

Persimmon Cake

Persimmons. They aren’t very popular in America, but everyone eats them in Japan. They are a popular fall-winter fruit. Here’s your fact of the day: the persimmon is Japan’s national fruit! If you’ve never seen one before, well, they kind of look like an orange tomato! But unlike a tomato, you have to peel them. And… Continue reading Persimmon Cake

Cute Marshmallow Baby Seals

Baby seals are the cutest, and this cute marshmallow version is SO kawaii! Using just a few ingredients, you can create these squishy baby seal pipeable marshmallow figures at home!  A while back, I saw some baby seal mochi videos floating around Facebook, and I thought, WOW those marshmallow animals are so cute! But, of… Continue reading Cute Marshmallow Baby Seals