Meyer Lemon White Chocolate Cheesecake

Meyer lemon white chocolate cheesecake

What I really wanted to name this post, is meyer lemon white chocolate cheesecake mousse bites, because I feel like it’s a little more accurate. Unfortunately, it’s a little bit too long. But that’s basically what this is. It’s lighter and fluffier than a regular no-bake cheesecake, and they are individual portion sizes! Whatever it is, it’s decadent, beautiful, and delicious!

The other day, when I was at Costco (I feel like I have been saying this line a lot lately), I came across a big bag of Meyer lemons. Meyer lemons are a little smaller, a little sweeter, and a little more orange colored than regular lemons. Supposedly they are a cross between a mandarin orange and a lemon? Anyways, they are still sour and I wouldn’t recommend just eating it straight, but they have a unique fragrance and flavor that sets it apart from regular lemons, and they are delicious! So, into the cart it went.

Meyer lemon white chocolate cheesecake

I actually don’t really like lemon desserts all that much. Lemon bars? Meh. Lemon meringue pie? ehhhhh, no thanks. But when lemon is combined with white chocolate, it changes things. I mentioned before that, well, I’m not a huge fan of white chocolate either (unless it’s caramelized, of course)! What is it about these two ingredients, both of which I am lukewarm about, that works so well together? Actually, I don’t know the answer to that. It just does.

What I DO like, is individual portion desserts. Like these muffin tin almond tarts. I like the look, the size, and the portion control (unless you eat more than one, which, actually, is pretty likely if you are… me). They are also perfect to bring to parties or get togethers, because each person can grab one and you technically don’t even need a plate or a fork!

Meyer lemon white chocolate cheesecake bites

Meyer lemons are seasonal, and you’ll (usually) only be able to get your hands on them during fall and winter, so… GO! Make these now!

Meyer lemon white chocolate cheesecake

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