Delectable Chocolate Orange Cookies with Creamy Orange Filling

These cookies chocolate orange cookies are made with a rich chocolate dough and filled with a creamy orange filling that perfectly complements the chocolate flavor. This step-by-step recipe will help you create the perfect chocolate sandwich cookies. These orange cream cookies that will leave everyone craving more.

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Chocolate orange sandwich cookies stacked up with orange slices and Bob's Red Mill flour in background

So I just got back from a three week long stay in Utah. I would call it a vacation, but honestly, I still had to take care of my kids. The baby did NOT sleep well throughout it… so, I don’t know if vacation would be the right word.

While I was in Utah, I got to meet up with someone I met online. No, not on a dating site! She’s actually a fellow food blogger, and I reached out to her because she is half Japanese, like me! But then things got interesting. It turns out she was in Utah, the state I just left, and it turns out our moms are really good friends! What?!

Sifting Bob's Red Mill all purpose flour with cocoa powder onto a piece of paper.

Talk about a small world. Anyways, we became texting BFFs, and had been chatting for over half a year before we finally got to meet in person (oh man, this really does sound like an online dating story). Her younger kids matched up in age with my older ones, so we spent a good amount of time together while I was there.

Since we are both big foodies, I wanted to make her and her family something yummy as a little gift before we headed back to Kansas. I decided to go with chocolate sandwich cookies, because they are so cute and giftable!

Also, I’ve been trying to bake more with my kids! Did you know? Psychologists have found that baking for others makes the baker feel as good as the recipients! So while we made something to give away, we got to feel great just from making it! (well, we ate some of the cookies too…)

Kids rolling out chocolate sandwich cookie dough inside a gallon Ziploc bag.

My oldest daughter wanted to help me make the cookies, and we put together a care package for her to give to her new friends. These cookies come together really easily, and she got to help in quite a few of the steps. I used Bob’s Red Mill organic all purpose flour. I really believe that in baking, using high quality ingredients is key.

My daughter’s favorite step was cutting the cookies out. My younger daughter was also able to help! But seriously, I was constantly snapping at them to make the cuts close together, because the first thing my younger daughter did was just pick a random spot and BAM. NOOOO! START AT THE EDGE!!! Typical. So, I did have to be strict and micromanage during that part… we still had fun, I promise.

Kids cutting out cookies from dough using mini cookie cutters.

Orange Cream Cookies

I thought about what type of buttercream to sandwich. I was initially leaning towards strawberry, but thought that might look too Valentines. Luckily, most fruits pair wonderfully with chocolate, so there were lots of options. I tasted the cookie on its own, and it had a pretty strong chocolate flavor, so I decided to go with a fresh orange buttercream.

The buttercream is made with orange zest and fresh squeezed juice, and the freshness complemented the chocolate really well.

Child piping orange buttercream onto baked chocolate sandwich cookies.

After we made the cookies, it was time to choose what to add into our care package. My friend was kind enough to lend me like… ten or more picture books for the kids while we were in town. She and I both LOVE books, so I thought a book would be the perfect gift.

I chose a graphic novel of a movie series her kids loved. I got a text from her later, saying her kids were watching the movie while following along in the graphic novel. How fun! My daughter also made a card with lots of drawings on it to give to them. Aww, so cute.

My daughter was so happy to give her new friends a gift. Oh, and the cookies? Gone, in like, ten seconds.

I can’t wait for our families to get together again the next time I’m in town! I’m glad my daughter and I were able to do a little something to show our love for our long distance friends!

Top view of chocolate orange sandwich cookies with sliced oranges and mini cookie cutters.

Try making these chocolate orange cream sandwich cookies! You’ll love them! And check out my other cookie recipes!

These adorable chocolate orange sandwich cookies have an intense chocolate flavor that pairs perfectly with the fresh orange buttercream. 

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