Lacey’s Cookies (Milk Chocolate Florentine)

Crispy cookies with toffee, almond, and milk chocolate. Easy to make and incredibly delicious! Similar to Lacey’s cookies from Trader Joe’s.

Milk chocolate Florentine (Lacey's) cookies

Trader Joe’s lacey cookies

Anybody else love Trader Joe’s? Good price, fun selection, small, friendly… little kid carts that you try and sneak past so your kids don’t see… Anyways, love it. It’s a little far away so it’s always a bit of a treat to go. Speaking of treats, that’s probably the best thing about the store… so. many. treats. One of my favorites is their Lacey’s cookies. Have you tried them before?

They are crispy, almondy, toffee-y, chocolatey, and incredibly addictive. I usually don’t buy them because my husband doesn’t love that they use dark chocolate. In other words, he doesn’t eat any and I eat the whole container by myself after the kids go to bed. And we all know that the best time to eat dessert is late at night right before going to sleep!

Homemade Lacey's cookies, similar to Trader Joe's Lacey Cookies.

Lacey Cookies Recipe

Don’t have a Trader Joe’s nearby or want make these at home? Try this recipe. It is easy to make with only 8 ingredients which you might already have on hand.

It’s almost Christmas and I’ve been thinking about cookies, cookies, and cookies. I decided to kick off my cookie baking with a milk chocolate version of these laceys (you’re welcome, husband). By the way, they are traditionally called Florentine cookies, but I think the Lacey’s cookies might be more well known.

These are absolutely delicious, and you won’t be able to stop at just one! They’d also make a great gift… Christmas cookie exchange anyone? Happy baking! Make sure you have a glass of milk with these!

Milk chocolate Florentine (Lacey's) cookies
Milk chocolate Florentine (Lacey's) cookies

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    • Hey there! Actually, using ground almonds probably won’t get you the desired results for this cookie. You want to use almonds and pulse them until they are very small pieces, but not quite almond meal/flour yet! If you use ground almonds it probably won’t get the right texture and shape, and you’d probably be disappointed in the final product :/


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