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Fresh Apple Mousse

This fresh apple mousse is light, crisp, and refreshing. The chunks of apple add a nice texture, and the lack of spices lets the apple flavor really shine. So here’s a confession, I don’t really like the fall pumpkin spice craze. And while I LIKE cinnamon with apple, I often prefer plain ol apple. Spices… Continue reading Fresh Apple Mousse

Cute Marshmallow Baby Seals

Baby seals are the cutest, and this cute marshmallow version is SO kawaii! Using just a few ingredients, you can create these squishy baby seal pipeable marshmallow figures at home!  A while back, I saw some baby seal mochi videos floating around Facebook, and I thought, WOW those marshmallow animals are so cute! But, of… Continue reading Cute Marshmallow Baby Seals

Strawberries and Milk Yokan

A layer of milk kanten and a layer of mizu yokan, studded with strawberry chunks, makes for a beautiful and refreshing summer treat. Mizu yokan is a common and delicious Japanese dessert, especially popular in the summer. It’s basically a red bean jelly, made with kanten. Powdered kanten is similar to agar agar, as they… Continue reading Strawberries and Milk Yokan