Madeleines: A Shell-Shaped Cake Treat Recipe

Freshly baked French madeleines cooling on rack.

Learn to make madeleines, these adorable French, shell-shaped cakes that perfectly balance French elegance with fluffy texture and light flavor. Follow the step-by-step Madeleines recipe and baking tips for flawless results every time. I want to start with a story. I took these to a luncheon, and my friend asked me if it was cornbread, …

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Roasted Kabocha Squash Soup Recipe: A Japanese Pumpkin Dish

This kabocha squash soup is naturally sweet, and uses just a few simple ingredients to make a comforting and delicious winter soup. 

Roasted kabocha squash soup is savory Japanese pumpkin dish. This kabocha squash soup recipe offers a naturally sweet and comforting flavor, setting it apart from other squash soups. Enhanced by savory mushrooms and onions, this recipe kabocha squash soup is both easy to make and irresistibly tasty. Whether you’re new to kabocha squash soup recipes …

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