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Muffin Tin Almond Tarts

A cute almond tart made in a muffin tin. Tart crust, almond filling, and a nougat almond topping. Top with whipped cream for an elegant dessert. I’m not that great at food styling. I’ve always been more of a “taste is what matters!” type of person. But lets be honest, I was only saying that… Continue reading Muffin Tin Almond Tarts

Pumpkin Mochi

Pumpkin mochi is a gluten free Hawaiian dessert alternative to pumpkin pie. It is easy to eat, with a dense, chewy bite! When you think of mochi, you usually think of Japan. Mochi has always been one of my favorite treats, because the texture is Ah-mazing. My mother has an electric mochi pounder machine where… Continue reading Pumpkin Mochi

Sweet Kabocha Bites

Kabocha is basically Japan’s pumpkin. Actually, it’s called the Japanese Pumpkin, so there you go. It’s a squash, it’s orange inside, and you make sweet and savory foods with it. The main difference, in my opinion, is that kabocha tastes better. It’s described as being a cross between pumpkin and sweet potato. Just like most… Continue reading Sweet Kabocha Bites

Caramel Milk Hot or Cold

Hot caramel milk – Easy to make and a perfect breakfast or bedtime drink. Or chill it and drink throughout the day! Apparently today is national coffee day. So, what do you do if you don’t drink coffee?! There’s tea, but what if you want something non-caffeinated? I like herbal teas, but they aren’t SWEET! Someday… Continue reading Caramel Milk Hot or Cold

Strawberry Curd

I made this strawberry curd as soon as I found out you can make strawberry curd. I had a tub of strawberries in the fridge that needed to be used and I thought, hey, why not? I’m not a huge fan of lemon curd, although I don’t not like it… You know what I mean? Anyways,… Continue reading Strawberry Curd