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Black Sesame Pudding

I know I just posted a black sesame recipe, but the stuff is so good I think you can forgive me. I actually made these today because I signed up to bring a dessert to a potluck dinner. It said to bring something “ethnic, unique, or interesting”, and I thought, it doesn’t get more interesting than …

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Japanese Rusk- Crispy Sweet Toast

Okay, I kind of struggled to name this post because… Crispy sweet toast?! But that’s basically what it is. A popular Japanese snack where a baguette or other type (usually french) of bread is thinly sliced and twice baked with a topping of sugar, butter, and perhaps some fancy fruity flavor. Today I made a …

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Bonito Flakes on Rice

Rice with Bonito Flakes

Okay, so this isn’t really a recipe. It’s just a really yummy way to eat rice that you need to try! I’ve eaten bonito flakes with soy sauce on rice since I was a little kid and it’s one of my favorite rice toppings. All you need are shaved bonito flakes. Never heard of it? …

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No-churn Black Sesame Ice Cream

No Churn Black Sesame Ice Cream

I LOVE all things black sesame. The weird gray color, the roasty toasty flavor, the way it works in both savory and sweet… I especially like the sweets. When I visit Japan, I always make sure to eat a black sesame soft serve cone. And pudding. Annnnnnd cake. Can’t get enough, seriously. Today I’m introducing …

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Butterscotch Pudding

My husband and I visited my brother in Provo, UT and we went to a cool little restaurant called Communal. Basically, a trendy place that serves food made with local ingredients. All of the food was great, but what I loved the most was the butterscotch pudding. Mmm, it was way too rich and between four …

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